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Sauce Music is a production music library that sources both great music and great art. We supply music to films, adverts, TV shows, computer games, business, websites and other media, at standard library rates.

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We work with some great composers, songwriters and producers for the music and commission exciting artists to create exclusive pieces of art inspired by the music for each of our CDs.

Get a signed limited edition print

Great music, great art

Whilst the rest of the world is becoming digital, we still love physical objects that we can look at and hold. This is why we have decided to add value back to the good old CD by incorporating art into our packaging and making the CDs limited edition. We also make limited edition artwork prints, signed and numbered by the artist, which you could get for free if you license our music. On each of our CDs and on our website you can read about the artist that created the piece.

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality music, from international hit songwriters/ producers to exciting new artists and established TV/ film composers.

With our team's experience ranging from advertising, TV, composer and producer management, as well as record label and major publishing companies, we have a great understanding of the needs of our clients.

We hope you not only find the perfect music from us but also discover an artist you love.

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Drop us a line or give us a ring to say hi or we would love to pop in and see you to have a natter about our music and art.

For general enquiries please email hello@sauce-music.com

For all other enquiries please contact:

Ray Campbell
Synchronisation & Licensing Manager
07813 030 047

Simon King
Managing Director
07958 958 541

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