Vocal Oodles And Doodles

A quirky collection of tracks with wordless vocals, in various styles, from retro doo-wop and boogie-woogie to jazz scat and other fun improvisations. These tracks include swinging double bass, plodding tuba, upbeat ukulele, ragtime piano and bouncy percussion. Mixing these with rhythmic vocal accents and doodles makes both the instrumental and vocal versions super infectious.

The Art

Maria Corte

Maria Corte is an illustrator from Spain who studied at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, where she graduated in 2009. Her work is dominated by an interest in the disruption of space through a creative handling of geometric shapes and the breakdown of all classical conventions in the representation of the human body.

Her creations cover a wide range of fields: book covers, posters, press, advertising, animation, children?s and pedagogical illustration. With her client base growing around the world from The New York Times to the BBC as well as the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture, she is an illustrator to watch out for.

Vocal Oodles And Doodles by Maria Corte

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