Revenge of the Orchestra

There is no escaping the awesome power of the orchestra with these dramatic trailer and promo scores from bold, dark and tense to heroic, rousing and epic. Surrender to the orchestra! Resistance is futile.

The Art

The Red Dress

The Red Dress is a London based illustration and commercial artists studio. Olivia Chancellor and Oliver Bland are a husband and wife team who met while studying Graphic Design and Illustration at Central St. Martins in 1996. A love of vintage posters especially B-Movies, Film Noir, and Pulp Fiction illustration spurred them to join forces to create their own recognisable and unique style of imagery. Drawing upon 20 years of experience in Illustration and design, The Red Dress produce striking, often dark but humorous images by digitally painting contemporary culture in a retro style. This usually includes bold hand drawn typography. Previous clients include HSBC, Mircosoft, Estrella, Total Film, Esquire, GQ and many more.


Revenge of the Orchestra by The Red Dress

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