Vocal Oodles And Doodles 2

Back by popular demand! The latest oodles and doodles collection of fun and quirky wordless vocals over catchy, rhythmic and often zany tracks.

The Art

Doodle Bro

Doodle Bro is Stanislav Shevchenko, an illustrator, freelance artist, animator and designer from Moscow. He has been working on a freelance basis for the past five years and is also studying design at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) one of Russia's top universities. Of his art Stanislav says 'I'm trying to provide doodling as the most approachable form of art, because doodles at their core are the graphic interpretation of your own consciousness.' This has lead him to create the first doodle art community in Russia. He has also worked with the Russian electronic DJ and production duo Dropgun where he designed unique characters and supervised a small art team in producing the music videos for the singles 'Little Drop' and 'Krishna'.

Vocal Oodles And Doodles 2 by Doodle Bro

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