Pure Piano 2

A beautiful collection of solo and layered piano tracks. From emotive, hopeful and elegant to positive, uplifting and bouncy.

The Art

Marina De Santis

Marina De Santis is a freelance illustrator from Sicily. Marina studied scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo and illustration at the IED in Milan. During her studies she developed a passion for illustration by discovering artists such as Rockwell Kent, Harry Clarke, Lester Ralph and Felix Vallotto and completed her degree thesis with an illustrated book on three short stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Between a strong expressionistic sense and ability for synthesis, purity and brilliance of colour she found her own unique style. Marina's work is a mix of handmade production through collages, watercolours, pastels, inks and digital postproduction with which she creates and defines shapes and spaces, enhances the qualities of handmade drawing and explores the possibilities of mixing them digitally. Marina likes to think that a drop of ink can be a star and as a graphic designer has worked in various sectors including children's books illustrator, book cover designer, patterns designer and theatre set designer. Some of her clients include the children's publishing house NuiNui, and the Bellini Theatre of Catania (Sicily).

Pure Piano 2 by Marina De Santis

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