Where In The World

Journey around the world with this mix of contemporary and traditional tracks with influences from Africa to Asia, the Middle East and beyond.

The Art

Gwen Keraval

Gwen Keraval is a French illustrator based in Lyon who works with geometrical shapes, clean shapes and reduced colour palettes to bring a vintage mood to all kind of subjects, from editorial to magazine and publishing. After Graduating from the Emile Cohl school in Lyon in 1998 Gwen tried his hand as a press model maker, 3D animator, web designer and flash animator while also pursuing illustration. Gwen has now been an illustrator for fifteen years and has done a lot of work in publishing, editorial illustration, advertising, and toy design, working with many French publishers like Flammarion, Seuil editions, Milan, and Djeco. His illustrations can also be seen in the Washington Post, New York Observer, Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal. Gwen has also worked for clients such as Volkswagen, Lonely Planet, Blue Moon Beer and Banque de France.

Where In The World by Gwen Keraval

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