Plugged In Youth 2

Stylish and modern electronic pop tracks with catchy melodic hooks and cool rhythmic beats and bass.

The Art

Bram Vanhaeren

Bram Vanhaeren is an artist and designer from Antwerp, Belgium who is on a mission to create positivity through his colourful and energetic portraits. Describing his work Brams says, "I'm on a mission to do more. I truly feel alive when I'm creating something new every single day. It's not about the destination, all about the exciting journey, the unseen challenges, the joy and the struggle, always moving forward". Bram was selected as one of the most creative under 25's globally by Adobe in 2014 and has worked with numerous clients such as ESPN, Bleacher Report, Rolling Stone, BBC, Entertainment Weekly, Nike, Estrella Damn, Adobe and many more.

Plugged In Youth 2 by Bram Vanhaeren

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