Dramedy And Gossip

A mischievous mix of contemporary and classic dramedy combining orchestral instruments with modern electronic beats to create quirky, curious and jaunty tracks.

The Art

Saul Herrera

Saul Herrera AKA Sauher is a pop art illustrator from Guadalajara, Mexico. An architect by profession, his innate ease at drawing as a child led him to create portraits by hand and then later developed into using computers. Saul is passionate about the life and work of various artists including Jean Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. He is heavily involved in the pop art style and although he has worked other art styles, he always returns to pop art as his preferred style of work. Saul has been an exclusive illustrator for Getty Images and Istockphoto since 2008 and also illustrates for the hotel industry and exhibits and sells his work on various digital platforms around the world.

Dramedy And Gossip by Saul Herrera

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