Elegant Strings

A beautiful collection of classical strings tracks. From bright, bouncy and positive quartets to elegant, bold and emotive orchestras.

The Art

Sasha Lend

Ilya Pinemaskin aka Sasha Lend is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Belgorod, Russia. Originally from Uzbekistan, he studied world economics at Shukhov State University in Belgorod before pursuing his passion for art. Ilya sees simplicity as relaxation, meditation and concentration on what is most important, and his line art is influenced by quantum physics theories and a tendency towards the most minimalist solutions. He is also a big fan of post-impressionists and pre-Raphaelite artists. As a graphic designer Ilya has worked with clients including GL Events, Progress Lighting, ChelPipe Group, Sibur and Santonit.

Elegant Strings by Sasha Lend

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