Lo-Fi Sounds

Lo-Fi pop and electronic tracks to soundtrack your best life. Cool, Dreamy, Hazy, Shimmering and Atmospheric.

The Art

Melike Sherifi

Melike Sherifi is an illustrator and digital product designer from Istanbul, Turkey. After graduating from Marmara University she decided to carry her love of design, which she had developed as a hobby, into all areas of her life. For Melike, expressing emotions through drawings is a form of therapy and she likes to combine elements from real life and the imaginary world by using vibrant and pastel colours together to distort the colour world that our eyes are accustomed to. Melike has also worked as a designer for 6 years in both traditional and digital advertising agencies and working within different disciplines has helped her look at products from different angles and further develop her expertise in UI and UX design. She has predominantly worked on illustrations for film festivals, magazines, album covers and social media of numerous brands.

Lo-Fi Sounds by Melike Sherifi

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