Acoustic Autumn

Autumnal acoustic tracks for when the days get shorter and the leaves start to fall. From warm, flowing and reflective to bright, cheerful and positive.

The Art

Kazuki Okuda

Kazuki Okuda is an artist and illustrator from Nara, Japan. After graduating from art college Kazuki has worked as a 2D artist and illustrator while also teaching illustration at university. For his original work Kazuki uses line drawing styles unique to Japan and expresses Japanese culture and nature as an ongoing theme. Kazuki says that through his art he 'tries to express the complex charms of nature, its beauty and strangeness, its power and delicacy'. He works on commissions from a variety of clients, from Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House to TV Tokyo, with work ranging from picture books and children's books, such as 'The Squirrel Awakes' by Toh Enjoe, to album covers, fashion brands, advertising, game graphics, character design and more.

Acoustic Autumn by Kazuki Okuda

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