Soul Sessions

Sweet soul music inspired by the classic American sound of the 60s and 70s. Upbeat, bright, soulful, warm and romantic.

The Art

Yazmin Huerta

Yazmin Huerta is a visual artist and art director based in Pachuca, Mexico. After graduating with a BA in Design and Visual Communication from the National University of Mexico, specialising in Publishing and Editorial Design, Yazmin worked as a graphics editor and illustrator for several Mexican magazines, where she won a !Diseno award for her innovative work. She also worked as a broadcast designer and self-taught motion graphic designer in public television at Mexico City based Canal Once, where she won a Promax BDA Latin America Award. Yazmin describes her work as a designer and visual artist as a liberating experience of harmonising the empathy and functionality of design with the individuality and self-expression of artistry. She is also a firm believer in female empowerment through art, design and creativity. Today, Yazmin works as a Senior Art Director at Media.Monks, as an independent visual artist for several projects, including ONG's, brands, record labels, artists, musicians and magazines, and as teacher for a few Mexican universities.

Soul Sessions by Yazmin Huerta

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