Rock Till You Drop

Kick ass riff heavy rock tracks to shake you right down to your bones. Driving, trashy, strutting and adrenalin fuelled.

The Art

Andy Mold

Andy Mold is a graphic designer and illustrator from Croyde in North Devon. Andy owns a surf brand called Demons of Doom Killers which he uses as his freelance pseudonym and as an output designing and making surfboards and garments. Andy has worked for multiple design firms and brands over the years but currently works as a freelance designer for a multitude of brands within the surf and skate industry, designing branding, graphics and products. Andy's latest project has been to illustrate the latest album, merchandise and tour campaign for the British rock band Reef and he has worked for brands like Melon Optics, Saltrock, Animal, Red Bull and Seduction Surfboards.

Rock Till You Drop by Andy Mold

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