Classical Electronica

Modern classical and electronic hybrid tracks woven together to create beautiful, atmospheric, dramatic and hopeful soundscapes.

The Art

Andres Menchen

Andres Menchen is a Digital Artist, Musician and Concept Designer based in Madrid, Spain. Since he was a child Andres was always interested in illustration and music and he graduated from the TAI University School of Arts. After graduation Andres worked as a graphic designer for publishing companies such as Espasa and FNAC, with client as Grupo Alta films, Wanda Vision, Twenty Century Fox and Electronic Arts. Keeping up with his evolution and to expand his creativity and give shape to his ideas Andres studied 3D and motion design and in recent years he has specialised in putting video and image to different musical projects such 74 Robots, Nightcrawler and the electronic music festival Maudes.

Classical Electronica by Andres Menchen

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