Party Time

It's party time! Jump around and dance like no one's watching with these happy, bright, fun and feel good party tracks.

The Art

Thomas Burden

Thomas Burden aka We are Grownup is an award winning Creative Director, animator and collaborator from Chichester. Known for his expertise in 3D and typographic design, Thomas creates playful and engaging imagery that aims to conjure & combine the nostalgia of childhood memories with the compelling power of 3D visuals and motion. With over 15 years of experience in the creative industry, working closely with major agencies and in-house teams across the globe, Thomas's signature style is rooted in what he likes to refer to as, 'nostalgic futurism'. He is at heart, an Art Director, and is always keen to work with clients to create imagery that best complements their brand and strategy. Thomas has produced visuals for digital, TV campaigns, conferences and festivals, as well as interactive sculptures and book covers and has worked with clients such as MacDonalds, Netflix, Apple, The New Yorker and Harper Collins.

Party Time by Thomas Burden

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