Sparkle Dreams

Sparkling shimmering & glistening neutral ambient electronic & minimal neo classical soundscapes.

The Art

Ajeet Singh

Ajeet Singh is a 3D motion designer and VFX artist based in Lucknow, India. Ajeet's passion lies in creating mesmerizing visuals that evoke emotions and transcend boundaries. His journey into design began with a background in software development, giving him a unique perspective and technical expertise which he seamlessly integrates into his creative work. With a deep love for designing particle-based concepts with an abstract twist, it's a style that allows Ajeet to explore endless creative possibilities, from simulating natural phenomena to crafting mesmerizing patterns and textures. Ajeet has worked with clients such as HP, Dell, Sony, as well as Hollywood and Bollywood movies, bringing their visions to life with precision and creativity.

Sparkle Dreams by Ajeet Singh

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