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Sauce Music

Oozing with flavour, Sauce Music is the perfect accompaniment to bring any production to life. With a carefully selected, punchy, playful palette that cuts through the noise, it's the cherry on top... icing on the cake! Dive in and have a taste...

  • Taste Of Europe


    Taste Of Europe

    Take a trip around Europe with these light, fun, quirky, playful and romantic tracks.

  • Grime Time


    Grime Time

    Punchy gritty and bouncing grime tracks with choppy beats, heavy bass lines and dynamic vocals.

  • Sparkle Dreams


    Sparkle Dreams

    Sparkling shimmering & glistening neutral ambient electronic & minimal neo classical soundscapes.

  • Bass In Ya Face


    Bass In Ya Face

    Bass heavy, dynamic and edgy hip hop and electronic tracks with attitude and grit.

  • Brass Blast


    Brass Blast

    Feel the brass blast from these bright punchy and feel good soul, hip hip and pop tracks with featured brass and horns.

  • Club Bangers


    Club Bangers

    High energy pumping and euphoric EDM, house and techno for the rave generation

  • Vocal Chop Shop


    Vocal Chop Shop

    Upbeat, fun, bouncy and quirky rhythmic pop and electronic tracks with cool chopped up vocals.

  • Colourful Keys


    Colourful Keys

    Jumped up, colourful and positive pop, electronica, hip hop & rock n roll with featured piano and keys.

  • The Curious Case Of Mr Anderson


    The Curious Case Of Mr Anderson

    A collection of curious, quirky, warm and whimsical tracks to accompany the life and times of an eccentric gentleman.

  • Party Time


    Party Time

    It's party time! Jump around and dance like no one's watching with these happy, bright, fun and feel good party tracks.

  • Tropicool



    Kick back & take it easy with these tropical vibes. Feel good, chilled, warm & sunny pop, electronica, reggae & dancehall.

  • Opulence



    Future fashion and technology combine in this luxurious collection of cinematic electronica

  • Xtreme Pop Punk


    Xtreme Pop Punk

    Dynamic adrenalin fuelled pop punk anthems with youthful energy and loud guitars.

  • Changing Times 2


    Changing Times 2

    Protests, cost of living crisis, politics and news. Driving, rhythmic and atmospheric tracks for our ever changing times!

  • Drum & Bass Headz


    Drum & Bass Headz

    Old skool and modern drum and bass. From moody and atmospheric liquid grooves to anthemic pop and dirty high energy bangers

  • Beautifully Sad


    Beautifully Sad

    Sad, reflective, melancholy and poignant tracks beautifully support you through dark times of sorrow, heartbreak and loss.

  • Going Tribal


    Going Tribal

    Organic & electronic tribal rhythms inspired by ethnic music from tribes all over the world. Dynamic, powerful, hypnotic & mystical.

  • Classical Electronica


    Classical Electronica

    Modern classical and electronic hybrid tracks woven together to create beautiful, atmospheric, dramatic and hopeful soundscapes.

  • The Psychedelic Experience


    The Psychedelic Experience

    Delve into your alternative consciousness with this mind bending combination of contemporary and retro psychedelia.

  • Future Disco


    Future Disco

    Contemporary electronic future disco dancefloor fillers. Bright, feel good, bouncy and funky

  • Rock Till You Drop


    Rock Till You Drop

    Kick ass riff heavy rock tracks to shake you right down to your bones. Driving, trashy, strutting and adrenalin fuelled.

  • Acoustic Spring


    Acoustic Spring

    Light, bright, positive and cheery acoustic tracks for when the flowers start to bloom and the sun gets higher in the sky.

  • Soul Sessions


    Soul Sessions

    Sweet soul music inspired by the classic American sound of the 60s and 70s. Upbeat, bright, soulful, warm and romantic.

  • Nail Biters 2


    Nail Biters 2

    Crime, thriller and drama tracks filled with pressure, tension and suspense for when you're running out of options.

  • Plink Plonk


    Plink Plonk

    Quirky and interesting musical percussion tracks plinking and plonking from pretty, light and playful to warm, curious and hypnotic.

  • Acoustic Autumn


    Acoustic Autumn

    Autumnal acoustic tracks for when the days get shorter and the leaves start to fall. From warm, flowing and reflective to bright, cheerful and positive.

  • Lo-Fi Sounds


    Lo-Fi Sounds

    Lo-Fi pop and electronic tracks to soundtrack your best life. Cool, Dreamy, Hazy, Shimmering and Atmospheric.

  • Pop Up


    Pop Up

    Punchy, dynamic, feel-good and fun contemporary pop tracks to shake up your summer!

  • Reggae Roots


    Reggae Roots

    Lively up ya self with these authentic, feel-good, summery and laid back reggae and ska tracks. Irie!

  • Elegant Strings


    Elegant Strings

    A beautiful collection of classical strings tracks. From bright, bouncy and positive quartets to elegant, bold and emotive orchestras.

  • Dramedy And Gossip


    Dramedy And Gossip

    A mischievous mix of contemporary and classic dramedy combining orchestral instruments with modern electronic beats to create quirky, curious and jaunty tracks.

  • Plugged In Youth 2


    Plugged In Youth 2

    Stylish and modern electronic pop tracks with catchy melodic hooks and cool rhythmic beats and bass.

  • Genetically Modified Drones


    Genetically Modified Drones

    Drones textures and atmospheres genetically modified to create cinematic, futuristic and hypnotic soundscapes.

  • Where In The World


    Where In The World

    Journey around the world with this mix of contemporary and traditional tracks with influences from Africa to Asia, the Middle East and beyond.

  • Electro Swing Social Club


    Electro Swing Social Club

    Kick up your heels at the Electro Swing Social Club with these lively, fun, quirky and retro electro swing tracks.

  • Indie Pop Generation


    Indie Pop Generation

    Dynamic and feel good alt indie pop tracks drenched in cool for the millennial scene setters.

  • The Geek Lab


    The Geek Lab

    Quirky upbeat and fun geektastic tracks with electronic, pop and folk influences crafted by the super nerd.

  • Riff It Up


    Riff It Up

    Riff driven contemporary tracks from electronic, pop and rock built around dynamic rhythms and hooky riffs.

  • Pure Piano 2


    Pure Piano 2

    A beautiful collection of solo and layered piano tracks. From emotive, hopeful and elegant to positive, uplifting and bouncy.

  • Champion Of Champions


    Champion Of Champions

    Get ready for battle with these powerful, dynamic, uplifting and inspiring anthems.

  • Pizzicato Pluckery


    Pizzicato Pluckery

    Positive, fun, jaunty, playful, curious and quirky pizzicato string pluckery

  • The Nordic Files


    The Nordic Files

    A soundtrack to crime, dark drama, mystery and suspense inspired by scandinavian noir

  • Weapons Of Mass Percussion 2


    Weapons Of Mass Percussion 2

    Punchy, hard hitting organic and electronic drums, beats and percussion. From rhythmic, tribal, upbeat jazz and orchestral to choppy electronic, hip hop beats and breaks.

  • Jazz Club


    Jazz Club

    Delve into our history of jazz, from the cool traditional jazz of smoky late night bars and clubs to the swing, big band and latin jazz of cabarets and ballrooms

  • Santa's Remixmas Tape


    Santa's Remixmas Tape

    Santa is back with his remixmas tape. Hand picked remixes of some of our best loved Sauce tracks plus a few new originals, because you've been such good boys and girls

  • Changing Times


    Changing Times

    When only the facts matter. News, politics, current affairs and documentaries. The soundtrack to our changing times.

  • Summer Clubbing


    Summer Clubbing

    Electronic dance pop and EDM tracks to soundtrack the coolest summer parties. From the beach to the pool and back to the villa.

  • Vocal Oodles And Doodles 2


    Vocal Oodles And Doodles 2

    Back by popular demand! The latest oodles and doodles collection of fun and quirky wordless vocals over catchy, rhythmic and often zany tracks.

  • Americana Roadtrip


    Americana Roadtrip

    Grab your hat and boots and take an americana roadtrip. From bright and positive to sad and lonesome country blues, bluegrass and southern rock.

  • The Big Screen - Dark Corners


    The Big Screen - Dark Corners

    The soundtrack to your nightmares! Hybrid trailer tracks from tense and unnerving to frightening and aggressive. Don't go to sleep!

  • Vocalify



    Contemporary pop songs with killer vocals. A match for any streaming or radio hit. Stream. Download. Repeat.

  • Industrial Predator


    Industrial Predator

    Industrial and dark hybrid rock and electronic tracks from driving, aggressive and intense to ominous and menacing.

  • Dramedys On Vacation


    Dramedys On Vacation

    All the fun and shenanigans of a family vacation. From positive and playful to mischievous and curious. Watch out The Dramedy's have arrived.

  • Positivityfest



    Positive, bright, fun and feel-good indie folk pop tracks to make you dance in the sunshine. Kick your shoes off!

  • Life Is Breathtaking


    Life Is Breathtaking

    Inspiring, emotive and cinematic themes reflecting the beauty of life and the world around us.

  • Grit



    Gritty electronica with the attitude of youth, from chopped up beats to hip hop and pumping energetic dance.

  • The Big Screen - Adventure


    The Big Screen - Adventure

    Adventure awaits with this collection of epic trailer tracks. Running from dinosaurs, fighting pirates and discovering new worlds. Are you brave enough?

  • Piano and String Memoirs


    Piano and String Memoirs

    Minimal, beautiful and emotive piano and strings for drama, documentary, nature and human stories.

  • Strange And Supernatural


    Strange And Supernatural

    Scared of things that go bump in the night? Seeing strange lights in the sky? Explore the unknown and unexplained horrors of the paranormal and scary science fiction.

  • Ministry of Vintage Eccentricity


    Ministry of Vintage Eccentricity

    Step back in time to the fun and frolics of vintage swing, quirky retro jazz and cool kitsch.

  • Plugged In Youth


    Plugged In Youth

    The contemporary sound of urban pop for the streaming generation. Style, edge and attitude.

  • Adventures In Young Love


    Adventures In Young Love

    The soundtrack to growing up, first dates and endless summers. Positive, catchy and feel good acoustic tracks for that coming of age journey.

  • Weapons Of Mass Percussion


    Weapons Of Mass Percussion

    Hit it! An eclectic mix of drums and percussion from classic rock, jazz & swing to hip-hop, tribal and quirky. Crash bang wallop!

  • Ladies Man


    Ladies Man

    Ladies Man is the musical embodiment of every woman's secret crush (or so he thinks!) He's handsome, he's romantic, he's smooth, he's dangerous. You love him and hate him in equal measure. He won't call you tomorrow, but tonight you'll have the time of your life!

  • Silicon Heartbeat


    Silicon Heartbeat

    Electronica across the digital spectrum, from driving and glitchy to fluid and futuristic. Reboot your system.

  • Wish Upon A Christmas Piano


    Wish Upon A Christmas Piano

    Beautifully stripped back solo piano renditions of classic Christmas songs.

  • The Big Screen - Big FX


    The Big Screen - Big FX

    Monster sound effects for when you need to make an impact. Go BIG or go home!

  • The Big Screen - Coming Soon


    The Big Screen - Coming Soon

    The ultimate soundtrack of epic orchestral and hybrid tracks for all blockbuster movie trailers and promos. One album to save us all.

  • Latin Flavas


    Latin Flavas

    The many sounds of modern South America from street fiestas and late night urban dance parties to the traditional samba rhythms of Rio's carnival and beaches.

  • Nail Biters


    Nail Biters

    Tension, suspense, anxiety and drama. Whether you're on the run from the law, investigating a crime scene or answering that million dollar quiz question, this album has the soundtrack.

  • Meet The Dramedys


    Meet The Dramedys

    Dramedy for all the family and the oddities of everyday life. From curious and strange to dramatic and comical. Perfect for reality TV, sitcoms or fly on the wall documentaries.

  • Rock Life


    Rock Life

    Rock, indie and a smack of metal. Killer guitar riffs and lots of distortion taking you from the sweaty clubs and bars, to arenas and stadiums via the festival headline slot. Perfect for action, sports, movies and TV.

  • Drone DNA


    Drone DNA

    Drone DNA unravels the genetic code of drones, atmospheres and soundscapes from light and ethereal to dark and foreboding.

  • Santa's Festive Mixtape


    Santa's Festive Mixtape

    Santa's Festive Mixtape stuffs your Christmas stocking with a collection of original and well known tracks for the festive season. Covering every theme from magical and wintery to quirky and jazzy, this album has something for everyone's wish list.

  • Acoustic Guitar Picked Apart


    Acoustic Guitar Picked Apart

    Acoustic guitar played in different ways and styles from picking, slapping, bowing and strumming, all combined in layers to make an eclectic album ranging from quirky and fun to unusual and atmospheric

  • Street Beats


    Street Beats

    The freshest beats from the hottest new urban producers. From jazzy old school hip hop to rock influence urban tracks and epic beats combined with strings, brass and dirty synths. Taking inspiration for the street it features elements of grime, trap and rap beats.

  • Pure Piano


    Pure Piano

    Just beautifully recorded live and programmed piano, nothing else. From bright and postive, perfect for commercials, to emotive and dramatic pieces for films and drama. Pure and simply featured and solo piano.

  • Classical Collectables 2 - At The Movies


    Classical Collectables 2 - At The Movies

    A collection of famous classical pieces from the best-loved movies, recorded with live orchestra. Featuring tracks from Apocalypse Now, X Men 2, Moulin Rouge & The Pianist. As with all the best films, it has something for everyone, action, romance, comedy and adventure.

  • Vocal Oodles And Doodles


    Vocal Oodles And Doodles

    A quirky collection of wordless vocal tracks. Combining fun improvisations of retro doo-wop, boogie-woogie, quirky folk & bouncy percussion with rhythmic vocal accents & doodles to create super infectious vocal & instrumental versions.

  • Crazy Youth


    Crazy Youth

    Packed with young & carefree tracks, this album covers all the crazy stages of youth. From cute & quirky bouncing babies to energetic kids and moody teenagers. The album starts with toy pianos & xylophones progressing with guitars & drums to chart pop & ending with cool dance & deep electro.

  • Dramatic Adventures & Sporting Endeavours


    Dramatic Adventures & Sporting Endeavours

    The ultimate album for life's adventures. From the elation of victory to the sadness of failure this album covers it all. Including epic, dramatic & action packed orchestral pieces, heavy rock, reflective emotive tracks, and motivational feel good anthems. Perfect for high-octane sports, action & chases, movie trailers, love & loss, winning & losing.

  • The Pop Factory


    The Pop Factory

    Chart friendly pop from hit UK songwriters & producers. From cool dance pop to teenage punk pop, boyband ballads & urban R&B. Featuring catchy vocals, uplifting choruses and bouncy rhythms, the Pop Factory produces songs you could hear on the radio or in any teenager's bedroom.

  • Club Cuts


    Club Cuts

    Compiled in conjunction with Never Say Die Records, this album contains the freshest club tracks from the coolest dance producers & DJs. From deep, dark, cutting edge Dubstep with wobbling bass lines & choppy beats, to massive electro house tracks with vocal hooks or dirty drum & bass.

  • Classical Collectables


    Classical Collectables

    A wonderful collection of well known classical pieces that have been lovingly recorded using live orchestras. From dramatic & dark full orchestral pieces to elegant piano solos or playful string quartets & featuring works by composers such as Handel, Beethoven, Mendelssohn & Holst.

  • The Quirky Machine


    The Quirky Machine

    The Quirky Machine produces wonderfully wacky, off the wall, out of the ordinary tracks. It has many styles from cool to comical, featuring xylophones, whistling, banjos, handclaps and quirky vocals over a variety of ska, indie-pop, bossa-nova and other fun and unusual rhythmic tracks.

  • Keep It Simple


    Keep It Simple

    A selection of stripped back tracks, each with it's own featured or solo instrument. From dark & haunting piano, eerie autoharp or dreamy celeste, to upbeat driving drums, bluesy harmonica & light, laidback marimbas & happy ukulele.

  • Chilled



    Relax & unwind with these ambient chill out tracks feat lush strings, vocal chanting, synths, pads and cool beats. Perfect for a beach cafe, spiritual retreat or atmospheric soundtrack to a breathtaking panoramic landscape.

  • Songs And Acoustic Sketches


    Songs And Acoustic Sketches

    Acoustic pop and folk songs to put a smile on your face or tug at your heartstrings. From singer/songwriters & beautiful, wistful vocals to creative acoustic instrumentals combining organic and classical instrumentation.

Popcorn Music

Popcorn Music has been meticulously crafted with the big and small screen in mind and is the indisputable complement to any project. Wrapped up in glorious B-Movie style artwork, Popcorn Music is SERIOUSLY DRAMATIC.

  • No Limits


    No Limits

    Bold, epic and uplifting themes of hope and glory with passion and fight.

  • The Creeps


    The Creeps

    They're here! The things that stop you sleeping. Creepy, ominous, twisted & frightening horror tales.

  • The Heist


    The Heist

    The team, the plan, the barefaced audacity to pull off the biggest heist! Accompanied by a pulsating mix of hybrid electronic, jazz funk and orchestral beats. Tense, exciting, & sophisticated!

  • Big City Symphony


    Big City Symphony

    Orchestra and hip hop beats combine to create a Big City Symphony. Bold, dramatic, powerful & moody.

  • On Edge


    On Edge

    Tense, dramatic and dark hybrid orchestral tracks for suspense, action and uncertainty.

  • Journey To Survival


    Journey To Survival

    Epic, dramatic and inspirational cinematic rock tracks telling stories of life, hope and survival.

  • Toolkit - Rumble FX


    Toolkit - Rumble FX

    Deep, rumbling and booming bass SFX. From earth shaking rumbles to beastly cries and giant footsteps.

  • Power Play


    Power Play

    Punchy, confident & fun percussion driven tracks with grit, swagger & attitude like a boss.

  • The Minimalist


    The Minimalist

    Intriguing minimal soundscapes with subtle twists and turns. From tense, ominous & eerie to fluttering, haunting & mysterious.

  • Rhythm Chaser


    Rhythm Chaser

    High octane dynamic beat driven electronic tracks packed full of power and intensity.

  • Final Frontier 2


    Final Frontier 2

    Bold, inspiring, atmospheric and cinematic hybrid orchestral themes for epic adventures through space and time.

  • Toolkit - Digital FX


    Toolkit - Digital FX

    Digital SFX to teleport into promos and trailers. From dark braams and pulsing rises to playful glitching computer sounds, loops and drops.

  • Piano & Strings Entwine


    Piano & Strings Entwine

    Beautiful emotive and heartfelt piano and strings themes of romance, love, drama and hope.

  • Superheroes



    Heroic orchestral themes of truth, justice and honour. From dramatic, powerful and uplifting to hopeful, adventurous and rousing.

  • Score Series -  Search For Redemption


    Score Series - Search For Redemption

    Beautiful, reflective and heartwarming orchestral scores for emotional scenes of drama, heartbreak and romance.

  • Challenge Time


    Challenge Time

    Do you have what it takes to rise to the challenge with these bold, dramatic, intriguing and intense orchestral themes?

  • Toolkit - Rises


    Toolkit - Rises

    Build intensity, anticipation and danger into any promo or trailer with these dark, tense, exciting and powerful SFX rises.

  • Mystical Worlds


    Mystical Worlds

    Explore a mystical world of adventure and discovery with these brooding, mysterious and panoramic orchestral tracks.

  • The Great Pizzicato Pilfer


    The Great Pizzicato Pilfer

    The very finest pizzicato pieces plucked for our gallery. From dramedy, quirky and curious to upbeat, fun and a little scary.

  • Troublemakers



    Quirky infectious and fun indie pop and electro tracks packed full of bonkers youthful energy….. here comes trouble!!

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2


    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 2

    Rock swagger with grit, attitude, cool and an extra slice of ass kicking.

  • Winter Wonderland


    Winter Wonderland

    Orchestral and contemporary tracks to soundtrack your festive season promos and trailers. Uplifting, magical, positive and warm. All aboard the winter wonderland express!

  • Toolkit - Scary String FX


    Toolkit - Scary String FX

    Dark, gritty, creepy and frightening string sound effects to strike fear into any promo or trailer

  • Shadow Operative


    Shadow Operative

    Brooding, ominous, atmospheric and dramatic hybrid tracks for action and thriller promos and trailers. There’s no escape from …. the Shadow Operative.

  • The Calamity Bros


    The Calamity Bros

    Whacky fun filled jazz and swing tracks to soundtrack the madcap comedy capers of the Calamity Bros!

  • The Clock Watcher


    The Clock Watcher

    Ticking clocks and metronomic sounds are weaved throughout these tense and dramatic hybrid countdown tracks. The Clock Watcher Waits!

  • Toolkit - Fantasy FX


    Toolkit - Fantasy FX

    Create a world of fantasy with these magical and mystical SFX. From sparkling spells to enchanting idents and mysterious voices.

  • A Fantasy Adventure


    A Fantasy Adventure

    Orchestral themes of magical fantasy and epic adventures from brave and inspirational tales to the wonder of imagination and mystery.

  • Unsung Heroes


    Unsung Heroes

    Celebrating the unsung heroes in our community with these heroic, inspiring and emotive promo and trailer tracks.

  • The Family Roadtrip


    The Family Roadtrip

    Feelgood, fun and romantic indie folk and acoustic tracks taking you on a bumpy but adventurous family road trip to remember.

  • Bass Invaders


    Bass Invaders

    An invasion of bass and sub sonics from another dimension. Powerful, driving, pulsating and atmospheric trailer tracks

  • Rise Of The Digital Demon


    Rise Of The Digital Demon

    Disturbingly eerie and scary electronic trailer and promo tracks. Watch out for the curse of the digital demon!

  • Synthesis



    Raw electronic synths and gritty driving digital beats combine to create Synthesis! Edgy, dynamic and stylish.

  • Piano Man


    Piano Man

    A master craftsman lifts the lid and uses all parts of the piano to create intriguing, beautiful solo and layered piano tracks across different moods.

  • Toolkit - Loops


    Toolkit - Loops

    Loopable SFX to add drama and intensity to any situation. From ominous pulses and brooding tension synths to rhythmic clocks and alarms.

  • House Of Strange


    House Of Strange

    Step into the house of strange and discover the freaky, weird and bizarre contents within.

  • Toolkit - SFX


    Toolkit - SFX

    Exciting, intense and dramatic sound design and FX to add major impact to any trailer!

  • Final Frontier


    Final Frontier

    Orchestral hybrid soundscapes for adventures in unknown space. From cinematic, epic and inspiring to dark, emotive and atmospheric.

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    No Fear, No Rules, No Prisoners. Rock swagger with a slice of revenge.

  • Rage



    Leaving a trail of destruction in its wake with these powerful, gritty and aggressive hybrid sound design tracks. Feel the Rage!

  • Revenge of the Orchestra


    Revenge of the Orchestra

    There is no escaping the awesome power of the orchestra with these dramatic trailer and promo scores from bold, dark and tense to heroic, rousing and epic. Surrender to the orchestra! Resistance is futile.

  • Indie Rebel


    Indie Rebel

    Raw, gritty and upbeat indie rock anthems full of youthful exuberance and positivity.

  • Mirage



    Awe Inspiring themes and soundscapes. From beautiful and shimmering to chilled, glistening and emotive.

  • Death By Brass


    Death By Brass

    Big bold and punchy brass from funk, soul and energetic to contemporary and hybrid tracks for trailers and promos.

  • Quest For Hope


    Quest For Hope

    Rich, emotive and uplifting themes. Believe and you will find a way.

  • When Monsters Attack


    When Monsters Attack

    Power hungry, hard hitting and relentless. Awaken the beast and feel its wrath if you dare!