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Sauce Music

Sauce Music is the production music library that discovers and supports great artists. Download high quality music for TV, film, radio, advertising, video games, corporate videos and websites.

Popcorn Music

Popcorn Music is a specialist trailer and promo library with all the flexibility any editor or director might need. Offering versions and edits aplenty we can also provide stems for all tracks.

  • Revenge of the Orchestra


    Revenge of the Orchestra

    There is no escaping the awesome power of the orchestra with these dramatic trailer and promo scores from bold, dark and tense to heroic, rousing and epic. Surrender to the orchestra! Resistance is futile.

  • Indie Rebel


    Indie Rebel

    Raw, gritty and upbeat indie rock anthems full of youthful exuberance and positivity.

  • Mirage



    Awe Inspiring themes and soundscapes. From beautiful and shimmering to chilled, glistening and emotive.

  • Death By Brass


    Death By Brass

    Big bold and punchy brass from funk, soul and energetic to contemporary and hybrid tracks for trailers and promos.

  • Quest For Hope


    Quest For Hope

    Rich, emotive and uplifting themes. Believe and you will find a way.

  • When Monsters Attack


    When Monsters Attack

    Power hungry, hard hitting and relentless. Awaken the beast and feel its wrath if you dare!