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Pizzicato Pluckery

Bouncing in 2020 with our NEW album SM048 Pizzicato Pluckery. Positive, fun, jaunty, playful, curious and quirky pizzicato string pluckery. Ideal for daytime and reality TV, family and kids.

SM046 Weapons Of Mass Percussion 2

Weapons Of Mass Percussion 2 is OUT NOW! Punchy, hard hitting organic and electronic drums, beats and percussion. From rhythmic, tribal, upbeat jazz and orchestral to choppy electronic, hip hop beats and breaks. Perfect for action, sports, promos and trailers.

Piano Man

The latest album from our specialist promo and trailer label Popcorn Music is POPC013 Piano Man. A master craftsman lifts the lid and uses all parts of the piano to create intriguing, beautiful solo and layered piano tracks across different moods. Perfect for emotive drama promos and trailers.