So you've found a track that's perfect for your production and would like to use it! Well, all you need to do is apply for a license from the PRS For Music.

It's easy to do but here are some links to help understand how to do it and what it costs. You can always get in touch, contact our international agents or speak to the PRS who will guide you through licensing our tracks.

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PRS for Music - Production Music

How to license a track

All music from this website and Sauce Music is production music and is protected by copyright law. It is a great, cost-effective way to add music to your production but a valid licence must be obtained before use in any audio-visual productions; from TV, radio and adverts to feature films, websites and even viral marketing campaigns.

To use our music you need to obtain a license from the MCPS which is part of the PRS For Music. The process is simple so here are a few links to guide you through the process:

Here is a step by step guide to licensing production music.

Here is the latest production music rate card so you can work out the cost.

You can even use the PRS Licence Manager which makes it quick and easy to get a price and licence to suit you.

If you have any queries either get in touch or have a look at the frequently asked questions on the PRS website.

Don't forget!

Please note using our music without a license is illegal and unless you want us to send the boys round with a lawyer who will bore you to death, then please get a license.

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