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  • Quest For Hope


    Quest For Hope

    Rich, emotive and uplifting themes. Believe and you will find a way.

    'Quest For Hope' features artwork by The Red Dress.

  • Grit



    Gritty electronica with the attitude of youth, from chopped up beats to hip hop and pumping energetic dance.

    'Grit' features artwork by Krzysztof Iwanski.

  • When Monsters Attack


    When Monsters Attack

    Power hungry, hard hitting and relentless. Awaken the beast and feel its wrath if you dare!

    'When Monsters Attack' features artwork by The Red Dress.

  • The Big Screen - Adventure


    The Big Screen - Adventure

    Adventure awaits with this collection of epic trailer tracks. Running from dinosaurs, fighting pirates and discovering new worlds. Are you brave enough?

    'The Big Screen - Adventure' features artwork by Adam Kuczek.

  • Piano and String Memoirs


    Piano and String Memoirs

    Minimal, beautiful and emotive piano and strings for drama, documentary, nature and human stories.

    'Piano and String Memoirs' features artwork by Justyna Jaszke.

  • Strange And Supernatural


    Strange And Supernatural

    Scared of things that go bump in the night? Seeing strange lights in the sky? Explore the unknown and unexplained horrors of the paranormal and scary science fiction.

    'Strange And Supernatural' features artwork by Skeeva.

  • Ministry of Vintage Eccentricity


    Ministry of Vintage Eccentricity

    Step back in time to the fun and frolics of vintage swing, quirky retro jazz and cool kitsch.

    'Ministry of Vintage Eccentricity' features artwork by Christian Barthold.

  • Plugged In Youth


    Plugged In Youth

    The contemporary sound of urban pop for the streaming generation. Style, edge and attitude.

    'Plugged In Youth' features artwork by Bram Vanhaeren.

  • Adventures In Young Love


    Adventures In Young Love

    The soundtrack to growing up, first dates and endless summers. Positive, catchy and feel good acoustic tracks for that coming of age journey.

    'Adventures In Young Love' features artwork by Tom Parsons.

  • Weapons Of Mass Percussion


    Weapons Of Mass Percussion

    Hit it! An eclectic mix of drums and percussion from classic rock, jazz & swing to hip-hop, tribal and quirky. Crash bang wallop!

    'Weapons Of Mass Percussion' features artwork by Olivier Bonhomme.

  • Ladies Man


    Ladies Man

    Ladies Man is the musical embodiment of every woman's secret crush (or so he thinks!) He's handsome, he's romantic, he's Smooth, he's dangerous. You love him and hate him in equal measure. He won't call you tomorrow, but tonight you'll have the time of your life!

    'Ladies Man' features artwork by Michael Sanderson.

  • Silicon Heartbeat


    Silicon Heartbeat

    Electronica across the digital spectrum, from driving and glitchy to fluid and futuristic. Reboot your system.

    'Silicon Heartbeat' features artwork by Signalstarr.

  • Wish Upon A Christmas Piano


    Wish Upon A Christmas Piano

    Beautifully stripped back solo piano renditions of classic Christmas songs.

    'Wish Upon A Christmas Piano' features artwork by Katya Maleev.

  • The Big Screen - Big FX


    The Big Screen - Big FX

    Monster sound effects for when you need to make an impact. Go BIG or go home!

    'The Big Screen - Big FX' features artwork by Adam Kuczek.

  • The Big Screen - Coming Soon


    The Big Screen - Coming Soon

    The ultimate soundtrack of epic orchestral and hybrid tracks for all blockbuster movie trailers and promos. One album to save us all.

    'The Big Screen - Coming Soon' features artwork by Adam Kuczek.

  • Latin Flavas


    Latin Flavas

    The many sounds of modern South America from street fiestas and late night urban dance parties to the traditional samba rhythms of Rio's carnival and beaches.

    'Latin Flavas' features artwork by Andy Gellenberg.

  • Nail Biters


    Nail Biters

    Tension, suspense, anxiety and drama. Whether you're on the run from the law, investigating a crime scene or answering that million dollar quiz question, this album has the soundtrack.

    'Nail Biters' features artwork by Ryan MacEachern.

  • Meet The Dramedys


    Meet The Dramedys

    Dramedy for all the family and the oddities of everyday life. From curious and strange to dramatic and comical. Perfect for reality TV, sitcoms or fly on the wall documentaries.

    'Meet The Dramedys' features artwork by Joseph McDermott.

  • Rock Life


    Rock Life

    Rock, indie and a smack of metal. Killer guitar riffs and lots of distortion taking you from the sweaty clubs and bars, to arenas and stadiums via the festival headline slot. Perfect for action, sports, movies and TV.

    'Rock Life' features artwork by Daniel Leitao.

  • Drone DNA


    Drone DNA

    Drone DNA unravels the genetic code of drones, atmospheres and soundscapes from light and ethereal to dark and foreboding.

    'Drone DNA' features artwork by Davy Evans.

  • Santa's Festive Mixtape


    Santa's Festive Mixtape

    Santa's Festive Mixtape stuffs your Christmas stocking with a collection of original and well known tracks for the festive season. Covering every theme from magical and wintery to quirky and jazzy, this album has something for everyone's wish list.

    'Santa's Festive Mixtape' features artwork by Anita Goldstein.

  • Acoustic Guitar Picked Apart


    Acoustic Guitar Picked Apart

    Acoustic guitar played in different ways and styles from picking, slapping, bowing and strumming, all combined in layers to make an eclectic album ranging from quirky and fun to unusual and atmospheric

    'Acoustic Guitar Picked Apart' features artwork by Zhivko Terziivanov.

  • Street Beats


    Street Beats

    The freshest beats from the hottest new urban producers. From jazzy old school hip hop to rock influence urban tracks and epic beats combined with strings, brass and dirty synths. Taking inspiration for the street it features elements of grime, trap and rap beats.

    'Street Beats' features artwork by Karl Yvan Tagle.

  • Pure Piano


    Pure Piano

    Just beautifully recorded live and programmed piano, nothing else. From bright and postive, perfect for commercials, to emotive and dramatic pieces for films and drama. Pure and simply featured and solo piano.

    'Pure Piano' features artwork by Tang Yau Hoong.

  • Classical Collectables 2 - At The Movies


    Classical Collectables 2 - At The Movies

    A collection of most famous classical pieces from the best-loved movies, recorded with live orchestra. Pieces include the epic Ride Of The Valkyries from the film Apocalypse Now, the upbeat and fun Can-Can from Moulin Rouge, to the beautiful Ballade No.1 In G Minor by Chopin from the film The Piano. As with all the best films, it has something for everyone: action, romance, comedy and adventure.

    'Classical Collectables 2 - At The Movies' features artwork by Polly Becker.

  • Vocal Oodles And Doodles


    Vocal Oodles And Doodles

    A quirky collection of tracks with wordless vocals, in various styles, from retro doo-wop and boogie-woogie to jazz scat and other fun improvisations. These tracks include swinging double bass, plodding tuba, upbeat ukulele, ragtime piano and bouncy percussion. Mixing these with rhythmic vocal accents and doodles makes both the instrumental and vocal versions super infectious.

    'Vocal Oodles And Doodles' features artwork by Maria Corte.

  • Crazy Youth


    Crazy Youth

    Packed with young and carefree tracks, this album covers all the crazy stages of youth. From cute and quirky bouncing babies to energetic kids and moody teenagers. The album starts with toy pianos and xylophones and progresses with guitars and drums to chart pop then ends with cool dance and deep electro.

    'Crazy Youth' features artwork by Graham Carter.

  • Dramatic Adventures & Sporting Endeavours


    Dramatic Adventures & Sporting Endeavours

    The ultimate album for life's adventures, from the elation of victory to the sadness of failure. For sporting events, battles in love and war or dramatic suspense, this album covers it all. Tracks include epic orchestral pieces perfect for action and drama movies or trailers, heavy rock for high-octane chases or extreme sports, reflective and emotive tracks for moments of love or loss, and motivational feel good anthems for winners and heroes.

    'Dramatic Adventures & Sporting Endeavours' features artwork by Jonathan Lucas.

  • The Pop Factory


    The Pop Factory

    A great selection of chart quality pop songs from hit UK songwriters and producers. Tracks from cool dance pop to teenage punk pop, boyband ballads and urban R&B. Featuring catchy vocals, edgy synths, uplifting choruses and bouncy rhythms. The Pop Factory produces songs you could hear on the radio or in any teenager's bedroom. All tracks have vocal and instrumental versions.

    'The Pop Factory' features artwork by Stuart Witter.

  • Club Cuts


    Club Cuts

    Compiled in conjunction with the tastemaker UK dance label Never Say Die Records, this album contains the freshest club tracks from the coolest dance producers and DJs. From deep and dark cutting edge Dubstep with wobbling bass lines and choppy beats, to massive electro house tracks with vocal hooks or dirty drum and bass. These tracks are perfect for any club or high-energy scene including video games, action films or to add a party atmosphere.

    'Club Cuts' features artwork by Revenge is Sweet.

  • Classical Collectables


    Classical Collectables

    A wonderful collection of well known classical pieces that have been lovingly recorded using live orchestras. It includes tracks from composers spanning from Handel and Beethoven to Mendelssohn and Holst. Styles range from full orchestral, dramatic and dark pieces to more elegant piano solos or playful string quartets. Whether it's for romance, a ceremony or to add a touch of magic and mystery, there is something to suit all moods and occasions.

    'Classical Collectables' features artwork by Polly Becker.

  • The Quirky Machine


    The Quirky Machine

    The Quirky Machine produces wonderfully wacky, off the wall, out of the ordinary tracks. It has many styles from cool to comical, featuring xylophones, whistling, banjos, handclaps and quirky vocals over a variety of ska, indie-pop, bossa-nova and other fun and unusual rhythmic tracks.

    'The Quirky Machine' features artwork by Simon Wild.

  • Keep It Simple


    Keep It Simple

    A selection of stripped back tracks, each having it's own featured or solo instrument. There is something for all moods, from dark and haunting piano, eerie autoharp or dreamy celeste, to more upbeat tracks including driving drums or bluesy harmonica as well as laidback and lighthearted marimbas or happy ukulele.

    'Keep It Simple' features artwork by Good Wives and Warriors.

  • Chilled



    Time to relax to this down-tempo selection of chill out tracks. Featuring sounds perfect for unwinding in a beach cafe, spiritual meditation or providing an atmospheric soundtrack to a breathtaking panoramic landscape. These ambient tracks feature lush strings, vocal chanting, synths, pads and cool beats.

    'Chilled' features artwork by Sam Chivers.

  • Songs And Acoustic Sketches


    Songs And Acoustic Sketches

    A mix of great acoustic pop and folk songs that will put a smile on your face or tug at your heartstrings. Half the tracks are from singer/songwriters with cool indie male vocals or beautiful and wistful female vocals. The others are creative acoustic instrumental tracks with strings, woodwinds, acoustic guitars, ukuleles and mandolins.

    'Songs And Acoustic Sketches' features artwork by Jessica May Underwood.